Our management team has an extensive background in the masonry contracting business. Over the years they have experienced many issues with matching masonry units. Sometime manufacturers product colors vary greatly from one run to the next. This is often due to irregularities with the natural materials being quarried from the earth. Sometimes a repair or addition is needed on a building that was original built with a particular brick or stone that is no longer available. These mis-match situations negatively impact the ascetics of what should and could be beautiful masonry walls.

The rich history and beauty of masonry construction deserves to be preserved and cherished for many years to come. Covering brick and stone walls with paint and other coating to hide flaws not only decreases the beauty of the building but it also creates an ongoing maintenance issue. Masonry is and should remain a low maintenance building material in order to bring its true value to a building owner.

Of all the products on the market we have found the Masonry Cosmetics products to be the only stain Proven to last and most importantly give a natural appearance. The pigments mixed with the elixir soak into the surface of the masonry units and permanently change the face color. The mix of pigments need to be determined for each individual project. No two color recipes are alike because this is not a coating that covers the surface. It is a true stain which incorporates the natural base color of the masonry unit into the finish product. So in order to achieve the same color on two different materials each one will require it’s on recipe.

This work requires trained professionals that understand not only colors but natural masonry materials and how they react to pigments. We are a certified Masonry Cosmetics installer. All our staff have been through extensive product training and have become proficient at determining the proper recipe for your project.


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