Is that yellow brick from the 70’s a little dated? Would you like a more timeless look? Say no more, we would be glad to help bring a traditional look to your home. Or perhaps your red brick house is a dime a dozen and you would like a more modern and sleek look. Grey and black are popular colors right now and could bring great value to your property. Just make sure you don’t ruin the natural masonry beauty with paint or other coatings. Although a third the cost of a stain, paint will need touched up or redone on an average every 5 years.


A great deal of work is done with these types of projects. Has a vehicle damaged your wall? Did you remodel the home and have to infill a window or do an addition? Often times with these projects it is not possible to find the original brick. In this case we recommend that you match the size and texture to the best of your ability and then call us to take care of the color.


Has the face of your wall deteriorated and lost its color? This may happen sometimes especially along walkways that receive salt in the winter months. Or maybe during an aggressive cleaning the wall was damaged. This often happens during graffiti removal. Restoring original colors is something that should be done by trained professionals.


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